Piles of Books



  • "A Reconstruction," Yemassee (print, spring 2022) (coming soon)

  • "Historical Materialism," Yemassee (print, spring 2022) (coming soon)

  • "Perfection," Yemassee (online, spring 2022) (coming soon)

  • "This Is Not a Story," Tilted House (fall 2021) (read online)

  • "The New City," Slippery Elm (summer 2021) (purchase)

  • "The Hand Remembers," Tiny Molecules (summer 2021) (read online)

  • "The Eternal Bliss of Being an Object Among Objects," Complete Sentence, spring 2021 (read online)

  • "Homecoming," Expanded Field, summer 2020 (read online)

  • "Polish Poets in Beds with Girls, and Other True Stories," Open: Journal of Arts & Letters, fall 2019 (read the first installment online)

  • "The Pilgrim of Łódź," The New England Review, summer 2019 (purchase)

  • "The Hills of Ojców When I Was Small," The Maryland Literary Review, summer 2019 (read online)

  • "City as Museum," Open: Journal of Arts & Letters, spring 2018 (read online)

  • "A Few Letters and Diacritics of Central Europe," The Quill Magazine, spring 2017

  • "Mytologi," Ricky's Back Yard (Czykmate Publishing), 2015 (purchase)


  • "History and Class Consciousness in the Time of Coronavirus," Summerset Review, summer 2020 (read online)

  • "For the Love of Dirt: The 'Something Else' of Fiction" Open: Journal of Arts & Letters, fall 2019 (read online)