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Polish Poets in Beds with Girls: Now Available!

I'm very happy to announce that my first novella is now available from Buttonhook Press.

I was recently interviewed by Open: Journal of Arts & Letters about the book. If you're interested about what the novella is about (beyond the obvious: poets in beds with girls), you might check it out.

Finally, here's a quick synopsis (from Amazon):

Described by critics as “captivating,” “dense,” “nuanced,” and just plain “strange,” Polish Poets in Beds with Girls, and Other True Stories is a glimpse into the minds of eight Polish poets on the eve of Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky’s visit to Warsaw in 1927. A time of hope, of (imagined) utopianism, of peace. But three years later Mayakovsky commits suicide, and as events lead slowly but inexorably toward another world war, the poets experience a sense of impending doom.
But this strange and experimental novella is about much more than poetry and history. The work explores the relationship between the “semifictional autofictional” narrator, Erik Harper Klass, and the Polish-American girl who has broken his heart, set mostly in her bedroom: a strange room of orange walls, a nondescript bed of saffron sheets, stacked tables used as nightstands, endless piles of books, and much more. It is the mixing of history and fiction, the merging of the imagined life of the autofictional author and the real lives of these eight Polish poets and their lovers, that gives the novella its resonance and power.
Or, perhaps, it’s just about a bunch of Polish poets in beds with girls.

And finally, for anyone who would like to purchase this fragile, frolicsome offspring of mine, you will receive my great thanks, direct through the ether!

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